With you, we create the framework for health promotion

Our goal is to work with you to make rooms, products and processes more health-oriented. Based on scientific findings and an exact analysis of your situation, we design the general conditions of your offer according to your needs - from communication media to interior design.

Just an attractive appearance is not enough for us. We develop solutions that really meet the needs of the users. In doing so, we do not stop at creative solutions, but additionally offer a scientific evaluation of the implementation on site.

To this end we work...

  • evidence-based
  • cross-disciplinary
  • user-centered

Our offers are aimed in particular at professionals from medicine, psychotherapy, and architecture. Here, we see great potential for actively designing health.

We offer different modules that can be combined as needed or selected individually:

  1. Status quo analysis
  2. Needs assessment
  3. Needs analysis
  4. Concept development
  5. Evaluation

Our approach

As "Designinstitut für Gesunde Gestaltung" (Design Institute for Healthy Design), we aim to ensure that spaces, products and services are more strongly oriented towards health. This requires understanding contexts and identifying needs. With the knowledge gained, solutions can be developed and evaluated. This is how we achieve what we stand for: healthy design.

The groundwork for this is a biopsychosocial perspective. As with the corresponding model for the development of diseases, we assume that three areas also interact in the design of health-promoting environments: the biological (e.g. temperature), the social (e.g. interactions with professionals), the psychological (e.g. fear, hope, trust). Our goal: Address these domains equally in health-promoting design. In this way, we can create not just more efficient or beautiful environments, but healthier ones.

1 approach - 4 lines of work

The "Designinstitut für Gesunde Gestaltung" (Design Institute for Healthy Design) is fundamentally concerned with a wide range of contexts in which health can be promoted through design measures. However, to enable us to contribute our individual expertise and experience in a targeted and efficient manner, we have identified four main areas of work for which we have developed specific processes:


What if the design of a doctor's office, the interplay of spaces, processes and communication media could lead to a more effective daily treatment routine and enable greater trust and openness among patients?


Health-promoting design requires a comprehensive and scientifically sound identification of needs and contextual factors. To this end, we offer a wide range of survey, analysis and consulting services: from stage 0 to post occupancy evaluation.


How can the spatial conditions favor the therapeutic process, create trust and radiate security and warmth?


We want to help ensure that knowledge about health-promoting design does not end up in the drawer, but is applied in the world. Therefore, we strive to communicate current evidence-based findings.

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